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Teenager ‘Too Young To Be Depressed’ Died Ahead Of A Suicide Attempt

Depending upon on breathing machine Cariad Jarrett is struggling for her life. Two weeks ago she tried suicide later doctors said she was “too young to be depressed”.

The  19-year-old took an excess on Halloween and has been into a coma ever since. The teenager, from Cariad, from Cwmcarn, Wales had missed all hope of getting support, after being removed by medics.

Now, her sad family is sharing her story to raise knowledge of mental health issues – as they keep wakefulness next to her bedside, seriously hoping she wakes up.

Cariad’s sister Shannon, 20, said: “This has torn our family apart, we are devastated and trying to take every day as it comes.”

Cariad’s mental health started to suffer last November – and she hopelessly tried to seek help from a group of doctors. However, Shannon alleges Cariad was repeatedly turned off by medics dozens of times.

Shannon spoke: “My sister was happy and bubbly but in the last 12 months her mental health has rapidly decreased.

“I have lost sum of the number of times she went to the doctors for advice – she began to lose hope.

“The only choice she was given was to attend a group session with a psychiatrist, but she wasn’t able to discuss her mental health in the presence of strangers.”

Cariad slowly began to feel like she had “no way out” and on October 31 she tried to end her life. Cariad overdosed on a mixture of anti-depressant pills that had been prescribed for her father.

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