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‘You Are Not A Serial Killer?’ Woman Texted Man Before He Allegedly Murdered Her

A New Jersey man went on a murder spree that remained three months in the fall of 2016.

Khalil Wheeler-Weaver has been arrested for murdering three ladies and attempting to murder a fourth. On Thursday, a day of testimony was charged with evidence about his cell phone explorations for date-molestation narcotics, curiosity about deadly toxins, and pursuit to have physical intercourse with women, Yahoo News reports.

Testimony also showed he used his cell phone to study how to create narcotics strong enough to knock a body out, and how to kill someone using home chemicals like bleach and ammonia. He worked to figure out how to delete his search history, according to testimony.

Wheeler-Weaver also searched how to become a police officer, exploring phrases like “Police entrance exam practice test.” His stepfather is a police investigator, and his uncle is a police officer; Wheeler-Weaver served at a hotel and grocery store as a security guard.

The crime spree seems to have started on Aug. 31, 2016, when Robin West, 19, a purported pro, was last seen. Her body was found on Sept. 21 in an abandoned building that had been set aflame. Wheeler-Weaver cell phone’s location tracking puts him at the house right ere the fire. After he left, he drove back to see the firefighters put out the blazes.

Another victim, a 20-year-old Sarah Butler, was discovered in Eagle Rock Reservation on Nov. 29, 2016. When Wheeler-Weaver asked Butler for intimate through a social media app, she typed, “Wow,” replying, “You’re not a serial killer, right?” Another victim, 33-year-old Joanne Brown was discovered dead at an abandoned home on Dec. 5.

The fourth lady he was set out to kill, “T.T.” proved in court about her own harrowing struggle. She woke up in the back seat of her wheels with duct tape on her face and was “choked back to sleep.” She finally persuaded Wheeler-Weaver to drive her to a motel and was able to lock herself in a motel bedroom.

Wheeler-Weaver was arrested on Dec. 6, 2016. While searching his residence, police found an extra three cell phones in his room.

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