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A South Carolina Teen Was Sentenced To Life Behind Bars Without Parole For Murdering His Father And A 6-Year-Old Boy

A South Carolina teen was convicted on Thursday to life behind bars without parole for killing his dad and a 6-year-old boy.

Jesse Osborne was 14 when he shot and murdered his father, Jeffrey, in their home on Sept. 28, 2016. According to a revelation he gave following his arrest, Osborne shot his father in the head 3 times.

Prosecutors said he then ran his father’s pickup vehicle three miles to Townville Elementary School in Anderson County, where he started a fire on a group of students playing outdoor.

Jacob Hall, 6, was shot in the leg and expired three days later. Osborne asked for leniency before he was jailed.

“I would just like to tell I wished this would have never occurred. I don’t specifically know why I did this,” Osborne told. “I simply ask you to give me hope for the future and get me advice because I do need help. I want help.”

Judge Lawton McIntosh, The Associated Press stated, handed down the life penalty in Anderson County immediately following some recommendations he gives out the maximum sentence possible.

A U.S. Supreme Court judgment bans the death sentence for juveniles.

Osborne, now 17, was being judged as an adult and faced a minimum of 30 years later pleading guilty to two counts of manslaughter and three counts of tried murder.

“He killed my second best buddy and showed up on my number one BFF’s birthday. I feel very, very, very irate. That is three reasons why he should spend life in jail,” an unnamed child addressed in a letter to the judge.

The defense’s case tried to show a teen who suffered harm from his alcoholic dad, was bullied at school and separated himself in what he called a “dungeon” — his basement bedroom where he spent all his time later being dismissed from middle school for carrying a hatchet on campus.

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