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Crazed Gunman Opened Fire With Shotgun Killing 2 Classmates And Himself In A Blood Red Rampage

A CRAZED killer went on violence at a Russian college, slaughtering a student and hurting three others before killing himself.

The shooter, Daniil Zasorin, 19, took lethal attack after a teacher turfed him out of class because of bad behavior, witnesses said. Student Alexey Golubnichy, 19, endured the shooting and was hurried to the hospital in “grave condition”, but fell during emergency operation.

Weaponless Golubnichy was injured when he bravely faced the gunman in a classroom, before being murdered. Those wounded were identified as Egor Stasyuk, 17, Kasiyan Kamanets, 19, and Vladislav Rozhkov, 20. They were hurried to a hospital and are undergoing an operation.

The gunfire took place in a classroom on the top floor of the Amur college of Construction, Housing Maintenance and Utilities in Blagoveshchensk, in distant eastern Russia. Students reported local media that a professor had twice urged the attacker to leave a classroom as he was being disruptive.

Angry Zasorin responded with a pump-action shotgun and started a fire in the room, shooting sufferers at their desks. Others wildly fled the scene in “panic”. A police officer told that when a cop ran up to the second floor of the school, he saw the well-armed teen – who tried to kill the officer.

The traffic policeman had run into the college after hearing shots and shot back at the gunman, who was holed up in a classroom, it was stated. After being injured in the exchange of gunfire, the gunman then fatally shot himself.

Pupils and staff were left, as armed cops aimed guns at a college window from a nearby street. During an inquiry of the scene, police later found Zasorin’s bag, including more bullets, in the toilet.

According to eyewitnesses, the classroom was covered with bullets casings. An Interior Ministry reference said: “The perpetrator committed suicide, using his own weapon.

“It was recorded in this city’s name.” A criminal probe was thrust into the shooting and college security.

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