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Homeless Man Threw A Huge Bucket Of ‘Hot Diarrhea’ While A Woman Was Passing In Front Her

A woman in California talked about a horrifying attack concerning a homeless man who threw a bucket of hot excretions on her head. 

Heidi Van Tassel told about the offensive incident that took place near the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles 7 months ago.

Van Tassel told that she was entering into her car when a man, who seemed to be homeless, dumped the excrement- which she defined as diarrhea on her head.

She was then brought to Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital after the offensive attack, where she was examined for diseases caused by contact with excretions. She will have to undergo retesting every month.

The man who assaulted her was recognized in court documents as Jere Blessings, who is defined as having schizophrenia and psychotic disorders. He was charged with assault and had been sent by a judge to a residential facility to treat mental health illnesses; however, he was freed in August.

Van Tassel told for her attacker: ‘He does not require jail time. He requires mental health care. I pity him because he wants help. I will never forget his face.’

Data collected from the Los Angeles Police Department by the NBC4 I-Team unveiled that over 6,500 homeless people were detained on criminal charges in 2017.

In a recent report, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority insisted the number of people who were homeless countywide in 2019 was 58,936 residents, up from 52,765 in 2018.

In the city of Los Angeles, the homeless population increased by 16 percent since last year. LAHSA predicts that 36,300 people are homeless within city limits.

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