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Man Who Suppressed Girlfriend’s Son With Car Seat Prisoned For More Than Seven Years

A  man who suppressed his girlfriend’s son with a car seat has been jailed for more than seven years.

Alfie Lamb died in 2018 after Stephen Waterson moved back his electric car seat, as the child sat at his mother’s feet behind him.

Waterson declared guilty on the day of his trial to murder by patent carelessness after a prior jury failed to reach a verdict on his fault.

He was sentenced to seven years and six months in prison on Thursday.


It is reported that Alfie’s death was the first time anyone in the UK has died from crush asphyxiation as a result of an electric car seat.

Waterson, 26, turned the seat of his Audi convertible and flattened the three-year-old in the footwell behind him during a journey home from a shopping trip on 1 February last year.

Waterson, described as being “arrogant, selfish and deeply unpleasant”, then lied to the police about what happened and threatened his girlfriend and two friends who were also in the car.

Following a trial, Alfie’s mother, Adrian Hoare, 24, from Gravesend in Kent, was jailed for two years and nine months for child cruelty.

Ahead of his own retrial at the Old Bailey, Waterson admitted manslaughter by gross negligence. Mr. Justice Kerr sentenced Waterson to five years and six months for the manslaughter.

Waterson was also convicted of threatening witness Marcus Lamb and Hoare, and of assaulting another witness, Emilie Williams.

Pregnant barmaid Williams, 20, had admitted planning to divert the course of justice after being threatened and “forced” into lying to police by Waterson.

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