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Mother’s Five Month Old Baby Snatched By Nanny After She Hired Her On Facebook!

A mum got terrified of her total horror after hiring a babysitter she located online who then “disappeared” overnight with her baby daughter.

Princess Jean Perrin told law enforcers she was desperate for help in looking after the child and liked the look of a woman she spotted offering her services on Facebook.

The mum – from the Philippines – said she planned to meet the young woman and then hired her on the spot after taking a copy of her ID.

However, she claims shortly after she started working for the family she disappeared with the young girl without warning.

The mum explained that she woke one morning to find the nanny and the baby is gone, and after calling police calls she discovered the ID card was fake.

Prior to the horrific incident, the mum proposed the alarm on social media and also spoke to local TV and radio about her missing baby.

 CCTV footage showed the woman walking off with the tot
Source: The Sun

However after the footage went viral the nanny turned up with the baby and alleged the disappearance had all been a big misunderstanding.

She admitted she had not asked permission to take the baby but said she had an errand to run at a local shopping center and had taken the child with her.

When she saw the media reports, she said she panicked and went into hiding but then after hearing on the radio and appeal for her to give herself up had done so.

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