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Nanny ‘Snatched’ Baby Days After Mom Hired Her Through Facebook, Mother In Horror

A NEW mum has talked of her total horror after booking a babysitter she spotted online who then “vanished” overnight with her newborn daughter.

Princess Jean Perrin reported cops she was urgent for help in looking after the tot and liked the look of a lady she spotted offering her duties on Facebook. The mum – from the Philippines – said she decided to meet the young lady and then hired her on the spot later taking a copy of her ID.

However, she demands shortly after she started serving the family she disappeared with the young girl without notice. The mum announced she woke one morning to see the nanny and the baby is left, and after calling police said she found the ID card was fake.

Worrying the worst, the mum raised the alert on social media and also talked to local TV and radio about her disappeared baby. Cops then traced down CCTV footage which revealed the nanny walking out of the house cradling the baby in her arms.

However, later the footage went viral the nanny turned up with the child and alleged the disappearance had all been a huge misunderstanding. She confessed she had not asked consent to take the baby but said she had a job to run at a local shopping center and had brought the child with her.

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