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Police Released Black-And-White Surveillance Footage Of Three People Walking Toward The Home Of Millionaire Tech Executive Tushar Atre The Night He Was Kidnapped

Police issued surveillance footage of 3 people leading near the home of millionaire tech businessperson Tushar Atre the evening he was kidnapped from his palatial home ignoring the Pacific Ocean on Oct. 1.

The footage, issued by the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, was caught at 2:47 a.m. on Oct. 1. In it, people are walking near Atre’s home. Three people dressing pants, sneakers and sweatshirts were seen stepping out of an alley toward Pleasure Point Drive, where Atre lived. One took a duffel bag while the other had a rifle.

Atre was last seen going into his white 2008 BMW SUV. He was later discovered shot and killed.

His bleeding body was left at a different property he owned in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California.

The authorities issued the video in the belief that someone might identify the figures’ clothing, mannerisms or gait, which could aid in recognizing the suspects. Their faces are not obvious in the footage.

“It is a weird video,”  Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Ashley Keehn told. “And it’s hard to watch, recognizing what the suspects did to Mr. Atre.”

She said her department assumes that “someone knows who these people are, and we want your help.”

Authorities earlier said they believe the motive behind the crime was robbery.

The Sheriff’s Office also declared a $150,000 reward for information that leads to arrests and convictions in the matter. The money is being given by a private company and dies on Dec. 30.

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