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Wife Helped And Allowed Husband To ‘Physically Assault’ Girl, 12, Holding Her Hand As He Abused Her

AN EVIL woman helped her paedo husband abuse a girl, 12, by holding his victim’s hand and telling her to squeeze it if she was in pain.

The now 43-year-old victim, who cannot be described, cried as she testified during the hearing detailing her abuse in Perth, Australia.

West Australian District Court judges took approx three hours on Thursday to find Douglass Stephan Withnell accusable of having carnal knowledge of a girl and indecently dealing with a girl.

But they got his ex-wife Bethany Jayne Gilmore guilty just of the carnal knowledge offense and acquitted her of improper dealing, reports the Australian Associated Press.

The victim informed the jury that when aged 12, she was brought to a dark bedroom where Withnell molested her on a bed.

During her horrific ordeal, Gilmore took her hand and told her to squeeze it if she was in pain. Withnell also inappropriately treated the victim during a separate event.

The court heard the previous couple had previously been sentenced to physically abusing two of the victim’s siblings. The Canberra Times reports that the sufferer testified via video link, and screamed while recalling the abuse as a child.

She said: “I was scared… I just froze.” The victim also told how Withnell showed himself to her – before assaulting her – and told her to “wait ‘til later.”

Withnell’s lawyer, David Jones, said the court that the abuse “did not occur”, adding, “a person can have a false memory for a mixture of different reasons”. The jury denied the woman’s evidence that Gilmore inappropriately touched her during a shower when she was 5. Justice Joseph McGrath placed psychological and pre-sentence reports for the sentenced perverts.

He also directed that they are remanded in jail until their sentencing trial on February 17, stating he had attention about giving them bail. Justice McGrath continued: “You have been sentenced to serious offenses.”

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