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13-Year-Old Boy ‘Physically Abused’And Left To Die In Worst Condition By Gang Of Bullies, Family Reports

Police are seeking a man whose family members say molested a teenager and left him without clothes in a park. The family of the 13-year-old is amazed the boy survived at all. The boy was hospitalized for two days and hurt, they say, with fists and a stick.

The parents told that the boy had hopped school on Monday and was near the flat complex where he lived when a man in his 20s threatened him, trying to get the boy to smoke and drink with him. The last thing the teen identifies, they said, is the criminal taking his phone and taking a stick to hit him.

When the boy woke up without clothes, the family says he realized he had been physically assaulted and stolen. The boy’s relative helped police search for testimony, including his nephew’s clothes.

“I can’t think that the cops didn’t find them. I saw them. I stand over here and I got the clothes,” the uncle said.

The trail near Tidwell Park is famous for kids, even small children, neighbors say. The victim’s mother said her son remembers his attacker absolutely, and they’re afraid of the man isn’t found, he’ll hurt someone else.

“I want them to arrest him. I want him to pay, and I want there to be no more sufferers,” she told.

According to police, the event is classified as a possible physical assault, not a kidnapping. They have not recognized a suspect. According to the KPRC report, it’s unclear if prosecutors performed a seduction kit in this case.

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