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A Man Chained Up And Physically Molested His Daughter For Years Since She Was 4 For Resisting His Rules

An Australian man was convicted to 8 years in jail on Tuesday for physically molesting his daughter for a long time since she was 4 and chaining her up for resisting his rules.

The court learned that the 69-year-old unidentified man physically molested his daughter frequently for over a decade. The abuse worsened in 2012 when the girl, who was 14 at that time, started resisting his rules.

When his daughter went to a sleepover despite misbehaving in school that day, the man chained her up for more than 26 hours to prevent her from escaping and only fed her water and bread to teach her a lesson. When he eventually took her out of the house, the accused handcuffed her to the car. He also tied a plastic lid around her neck which pronounced that she was a runaway.

A relative who discovered her chained up at house informed police regarding it. However, the victim was so frightened and shocked that she only helped with the investigation when she became 18. She informed the investigators that her father had physically abused her for years.

At a trial earlier this year, the accused was discovered guilty of 5 charges for physically molesting her for years.

Throughout the sentencing Tuesday, Judge Wendy Gillan told the accused thought his actions were justified and accused the victim of his behavior.

“You dominated her by removing her belongings from her room, asking her to wear her school uniform, feeding her bread and water, giving her with a bucket for toileting and ordering her to shower with a chain on her leg and the door open. You did that at a moment you knew her to be quite fragile and it had the effect of rendering her incompetent of pursuing the matter until she had spent a great deal of time apart from you,” the judge responded.

The court sentenced him to 8 years in prison and gave him a life-long restraining order stopping him from reaching his daughter. The accused will, however, be suitable for parole after 6 years.

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