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A Nineteen-Year-Old Teen Driver Faces charges In Forsyth County School Bus Collision

A nineteen-year-old driver is in confinement with the Forsyth County Sheriff Department after he thumped two students and their adult companions as they tried to board a stopped school bus.

As per the Sheriff’s Office representative Cpl. Doug Rainwater, the school bus was at a total stop with lights blinking and the bus’ arm reached at the students’ bus station on Buford Highway when the teen advanced the back of the bus and moved onto the sidewalk to avoid it.

As per the spokesperson with Forsyth County Schools, when the bus driver proceeded to open the door, anticipating to see the students, they were not there. They were first and fourth-graders at Haw Creek Elementary School, as per the officials.

The bus had twenty students aboard at the event, and they were brought to school by different buses.

Buford Highway is a divided road with two eastbound lanes. Police officials are examining why the driver went right onto the edge rather of left into the other path.

Alcohol does not seem to be a determinant in the disaster, and the pace of the teen’s car has not yet been ascertained, Cpl. Rainwater spoke.

Researchers with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office are still discussing with the driver, and no charges have been registered yet, but Cpl. Rainwater supposed “multiple” charges to be registered in this matter.

We do have people moving school buses when they continue picking children up,” Cpl. Rainwater said. “But nevermore to the degree where they go into the pathway of where the children are.

The 2 students and the adult are currently in critical condition at a neighborhood hospital.

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