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A Pregnant Woman Died By The Carelessness Of Hospital However The Baby Survived

A pregnant woman passed on following 6 days after giving birth to a baby. The reason for her passing is the medical clinic’s carelessness as indicated by his husband.

The husband is presently looking for justice from the court for his wife’s life.

The pregnant woman is identified as Liu, 39, who was admitted to Daqing Oilfield General Hospital, Heilongjiang.

The husband is recognized as Yan, who is requesting justice for his wife’s passing.

When the woman, begun with her pain, she was promptly taken to the Daqing Oilfield General Hospital.

At the point when the two of them arrived at the clinic, the hospital administration denied taking the admission of pregnant ladies.

They stated that they don’t have the beds left for new patients – revealed by Yan, the husband of the pregnant woman.

The spouse attempted various things to get the bed. At long last, when she got admitted to the hospital She gave birth to their child.

From that point onward, she was moved to the normal ward. In any case, her pulse was exceptionally high after her delivery.

She was additionally having serious hypertension at the hour of her pregnancy.

Her entire face was swollen. In the wake of knowing her condition and medical problems specialists ignored her as a patient.

Specialists were involved with different patients and didn’t take care of her.

Because of her extreme medical difficulties, she couldn’t make it live more and left his husband and infant.

She needed to give birth to her child at Daqing Oilfield General Hospital according to the mother of Liu. Also, this choice lead her life to a painful end.

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