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A Woman Left Torn After Finding Soldier Boyfriend Cheating On Her

A mum speaks regarding her heartbreak after discovering her soldier boyfriend of eight months is truly married with kids.

The unknown mum, considered to be from the UK, was felt destroyed when she discovered out her partner has been cheating on her –after getting his real name online.

She revealed everything in a candid post on a popular parenting website, Mumsnet, where she questioned fellow parents for guidance.

Now she’s analyzing whether or not it’s suitable for her to break the news to the wife of her boyfriend.

Some suggested like the man’s spouse should require to know, while others believed it was a more suitable idea to just walk away from the condition.

The woman mentioned: “Feeling a little devastated at the time and not really certain what to do. I have been dating a man in the military for about 8 months now.

“We spend pretty much all our time together and he visits at mine most nights. The only moment he goes away is once a fortnight when he goes to his ‘parents’ for the weekend.

After declaring that she wasn’t interested in a cheat-the unfaithful man insisted with the military background he hasn’t been able to sustain a long-term relationship.

After exploring him online and discovering an old article about him, she found he was also using a fake name.

She revealed: “He has a completely different name to the one I know and the article stated a wife and child.

“I keyboarded that name into Facebook and there he is as an apparently happy family man – married since 2008. He is very much still married as they have recent photos together.

Many other women users thought that his wife deserved to know and required she would have a clear conscience if she told the truth.

While others advised her to neglect everything and walk away in a position to dodge the mess of a broken marriage.

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