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At Least Two Students Have Been Killed And Three More Injured After A 16-year-old Suspect Opened Fire At A Southern California High School

A Sixteen-year-old student launched gunfire at a public high school in Southern California Thursday, November 14 morning, killing 2 of his classmates and wounding 3 others, the police officials said.

The suspect, who launched the violent assault at Saugus High School on his birthday, was taken into arrest and is currently in “critical condition” at a nearby hospital from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to the police authority.

Police officers and firefighters reacted approximately 7:40 a.m. Thursday to reports of gunfire at the school in Santa Clarita, about 40 miles north of L.A.

Video footage from the disturbance shows “the subject in the quad withdraw a handgun from his backpack, fire and wound 5 people, and then fire the gun himself in the head,” the police officials said.

L.A. County Sheriff’s Department Captain Kent Wegener said the suspect utilized a .45 caliber semi-automatic gun, which was seized at the disturbance with no more rounds in it. Wegener stated the police officers who first reported at the disturbance found 6 students with gunshot wounds in the school’s quad and conveyed them to the nearest hospitals, later recognizing one of them was the gunman.

The police officials said Thursday a sixteen-year-old female student and a fourteen-year-old male student succumbed to the wound after the disturbance. The surviving victims include a fourteen-year-old girl and a fifteen-year-old girl.

L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva declared the suspected person as a sixteen-year-old boy donning a black hat and black clothes is a Saugus High School student and was one of the initial students relocated to a local hospital.

Amongst those that were conveyed turned out to be the suspect who is currently in the hospital in critical condition,” Sheriff Alex Villanueva said. The suspect’s mother and his girlfriend are currently speaking with police officials.

Megan Puettmann, a seventeen-year-old senior, told the sources she was in classroom Thursday when she overheard “very faint gunshots.

It was strengthened when someone hurried into my class screaming of a shooter,” said Puettmann, calling the incident “traumatic.”

The teenager said she and her classmates hid in the rear corner of the classroom until they were relocated by police officers an hour and a half later which “felt like a lifetime.” “There was nowhere to protect,” she said, remarking the classroom only had 1 door.

This should never have to befall to anyone ever,” said Puettmann. “I just want to take this event and speak up versus gun disturbance and mental health awareness so that this won’t ever occur again. Having to bother about my friend’s lives and bother about ever viewing my family again is a sense you won’t ever understand except you are there.”

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