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Baby Girl, 5, Buried Alive By Monster Step Father

A few days ago, the police department in Crimea has been working to locate the missing 5-year-old girl. And now the young girl has unfortunately been found dead, and she was buried in a ditch.

Andrei Zakharov, the chief of the Razdolnensky district, reported the identification and the cause behind the horrible murder. It was the girl’s step-father who killed the little girl and later ditched her body in a nearby place.

The Crimean branch of the Investigative Committee was included after hearing the news, and they started investigating the little girl’s missing. During their investigation, they produced suspicion upon the step-father of the lost girl. They then detained the step-father as a liable person behind the girl’s disappearance.

The authorities then began a criminal case against the father. The authorities took him under arrest and started interrogating. During the inquiry, the step-father confessed that he was the person who murdered the young girl.

The stepfather admitted that he killed the girl in his house. The man then took the girl’s body out of the residence after discovering she was gone and took her to the nearby site. He buried the girl in a ditch that was not far from his place of home. After explaining the scene, the man showed the point where he actually buried the girl’s dead body to the officials.

The further reports alleged that the man had tried to form an alibi for himself. He reportedly tried to move to another state with his youngest son later taking the documents from the kindergarten. His plan didn’t go well and back home. Upon arriving at the house, he decided to notify the disappearance of the girl to the police, which he made.

The motive behind the murder hasn’t been told, and he is expected to appear on the court soon.

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