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Boy, 4, ‘Physically Assaulted’ By School Staff, Security Guard And Cleaner Arrested

Following a 4-year-old Pakistani boy who was allegedly molested at a private school he visited, a security guard and cleaner from the school were held.

Sindh Private Institutions Director Dr. Mansoob Siddiqui published a notice to the head of Beacon Light Academy, Karachi.

The announcement came after reports of the physical assault that appeared on social media. It alleged that a four-year-old student was raped by two of the school’s workers.

The school’s authorities were asked to submit a detailed report of the event within 24 hours of the notice being issued.

An FIR was filed on behalf of the boy’s parents. The boy’s grandfather said that his grandson complained of discomfort in his lower stomach later returning from school.

His mother found traces of feces on his uniform. When she asked him, the boy explained what happened.

On November 6, 2019, the parents went to the school to find out more about the event. The Pakistani boy named the suspects as Niaz and Zulfiqar. He also named the room where he was allegedly molested.

The boy underwent a medical checkup where an initial report showed that there were no apparent symptoms of violence, except for erythema (redness) throughout the anus.

It went on to state that conclusive decisions will only be confirmed after a DNA report has been published.

Police subsequently arrested the accused security guard and cleaner.

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