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Father Wants To Get ‘Lollipops’ Banned After His 5-Year-Old Son Was Choked To Death

In Plymouth, England, a dad, and his two children went out for an enjoyable night of trick-or-treating. He is now asking for a very popular candy to become halted in the U.K. He also wants you and everyone else to know the hidden dangers of this timeless setup.

According to The Sun, Bobby Cole, 5, was very excited to go trick-or-treating with his sister and father, Brett Cole. Upon returning from their candy fueled trip, Brett had requested if he could eat some of his candy, including a lollipop.

Brett and his wife, Deanna, usually don’t allow their kids to consume lollipops. Since it was Halloween, the parents had decided that some lollies wouldn’t hurt and that the children should enjoy whatever’s in their containers.

Suddenly, Brett had marked something off with his son. Bobby was seated next to his mom on the sofa when his body had instantly gone limp. He was choking on a medium-sized lollipop that had departed from its stick.

Brett quickly hit his son’s back in hopes to remove the candy. When that failed, Deanna, a Senior Healthcare Assistant, immediately performed the Heimlich maneuver on her boy. Luckily, she was capable to dislodge the whole lollipop piece out of his throat. A tinge of blood and spit-up appeared out as well according to The Sun.

“Bobby was in a minute of shock,” told Brett to the tabloid. After a visit to a regional hospital, the boy was assumed okay and was sent home. With lots of rest, Bobby was miraculously back to his usual self. His father is now urging his followers on social media to join him on his quest to abandon lollipops.

“We’re moving to ban lollies,” stresses the dad of two in the post. He carried that he thought his son was old enough to manage this seemingly innocent treat, but he is now assured that anyone could become a sufferer of its dangerous flaw. His post had notably reached over 35,000 people within some hours.

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