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In Germany, A Man Bears 88 Attempted Murder Charges After Convinced Young Girls To Shock Themselves On Skype

A German man who supposedly influenced girls as young as 15 to electrocute themselves while he saw them on Skype is meeting 88 counts of attempted murder.

30-years-old David G from Wurzburg, in Bavaria, is on trial in Munich after being involved in giving several women guidance on how to manage potentially deadly 230v electric shocks. The accused posed as a scientist conducting research in order to influence the women to shock their bare feet, the court learned.

He supposedly targeted his victims aged within 15 and 30 via eBay adverts pretending to be Dr. Christian Vogel who was seeing for participants for a study. He also vowed that they would get €3,000 (£2,572) for their assistance but none of those who took part were ever paid, the court learned.

Prosecutors told that David G. was so persuasive that he even succeeded to convince the girls’ parents to assist in his ‘experiments’ and make recordings of their pain.

An electric cable was taken by the alleged victims under his instructions after it was usually cut off electrical devices in the house like clothes irons or music players, the court learned.

A video of a 27-year-old woman electrocuting herself was presented at the trial. The woman, from Berlin, informed the court that it occurred four years ago and she admitted to the experiments as she was desperate for the money and his apparent academic title assured her it was OK. The case came to light after a 16-year-old was brought to the hospital after coming unconsciously.

The prosecutor told David G., an IT specialist, was fully conscious that 230 volts were enough to kill a person. The defendant’s lawyers Klaus W. Spiegel and Matthias Bohn insist their client had lessened responsibility for his works as he experiences from Asperger Syndrome and autism.

Police were capable to hunt down a large number of his victims as he kept over a hundred Skype videos of the experiments on his PC.

David G. was detained in February 2018.  The case is ongoing.

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