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Is Bill Murray Returning For Ghostbusters 2020? Here’s What You Should Know

Bill Murray appeared in the podcast of Amy Schumer last month. He revealed to her that if his profession was not acting, he would like to work at P.F. Chang’s at Atlanta airport. He also cited the restaurant as one of the greatest places. It was quite natural of the chain to instantly offer Bill Murray a job through Twitter.

But it is confirmed that Murray will not be accepting the job offer provided to him because a co-star, Dan Aykroyd has just given the confirmation that the actors and the other members who enacted in the original Ghostbusters crew is going to appear in the next year sequel of the movie which is Ghostbusters 2020.

Actor Aykroyd, in an interview on The Greg Hill Show shared that Jason Reitman has written a very beautiful script which is heartfelt. He says that the script takes the real DNA from the first two movies of the Ghostbusters and injects it directly into the next generation―it hands the legacy off to a new generation of characters who are stars and players and actors.

Aykroyd added and thus confirmed that he, Murray, Sigourney and Annie Potts have shot their parts and it was really exciting for him to work on this new idea and a new take on this story which is written by a person who is a really incredible and fine filmmaker, Jason Reitman.

It is also confirmed that Ernie Hudson will appear in the film and will continue to play his character of Winston Zeddemore.

Harold Ramis who starred as Egon Spengler and also has written the original script of the film with Aykroyd died in the year 2014. In Ghostbusters reboot, a memorial bust of Harold’s character appeared in 2016. Similarly, it is hinted by the writer, Aykroyd that this new movie which will come next year will recognize the star in some way or the other.

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