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Man Arrested For Killing His 17-Year-Old Girlfriend, Later Destroying Her Body With Tires For Couple Of Days

A man from Mpumalanga has been accused of burning and murdering his 17-year old lover with tires.

The girl has been disappeared for long period of time, and now the man has been taken under supervision investigation.

The alleged man identified as Donald Dlamini presented in the Court today. And today he declared guilty.

Donald has taken the pleadings in the command by the jury. He declared that he murdered his girlfriend, and then he burned her body to ashes with the tires for a couple of days.

The girl was reported to disappear at Schoemansdal located on the Driekoppies Dam near Malelane last Friday.

The Schoemansdal police did the best of they can do as when they get a missing complaint.

They examined the whole place down, but there was nothing present at the time.

The police started getting information and links to the disappeared girl. Then they noticed the name of Donald over the case.

After accepting the unusual call where he might be, Police quickly hurried to the scene.

The suspect was certainly present at his home.

Donald also told about the place where he did this crime. He burned her body into ashes next to the hedges present near to the dam.

Her remains were discovered after Donald took the investigative and the forensics members to the place. Immediately he was arrested later and was taken under custody where he is still existing.

The next hearing for his case will take place on November 21, 2019, maybe for a bail petition.

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