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Man ‘Physically Assaulted’ Girl, 9, And Bludgeoned Her To Death, Arrested

A pedophile murderer has been sentenced to castration and life in prison after killing a nine-year girl who he had physically assaulted.

Schoolgirl Aruai Berik disappeared after a dance class and CCTV footage revealed that an unknown man had got her in Karatu town, Kazakhstan.

Zhaksylyk Baydildaev was sentenced to committing repeated ‘violent physical acts’ against the child before killing her with blows to the head.

The wedded 37-year-old then put her dead body in a sack and traveled with it on his bicycle to a landfill site where he burned her body, a court discovered.

Baydildaev was convicted to life imprisonment for murder but also punished under Kazakhstan’s tough new laws for child molesters.

He was sentenced to undergo forced chemical castration.

Baydildaev had admitted to hiding and burning the body, claiming the girl had died unintentionally after coming to his house spontaneously.

However the forensic report of her charred remains proved she was murdered with blows to the head, and that she had been earlier physically assaulted, a judge ruled.

The victim’s mom Lyazzat said: ‘When we were searching for her, he regularly approached us, asking if we had spotted her or not.’

The court was told he had earlier known the child and had earlier assaulted another 12-year-old schoolgirl intending to seduce her.

On this instant, he had ‘changed his mind’ and was not executed.

Kazakhstan newly toughened its laws to crack down on assault attacks on children.

The country bought stocks of Cyproterone, a steroidal anti-androgen formed for fighting cancer, to use for chemical injury of pedophiles.

‘It creates the lowering of libido’, told urologist Dr. Mirzakhmet Zhanadilov.

‘The prescription is different for each individual.

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