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UFC Fighter Walt Harris Spoke Out For The First Time This Week Since The Disappearance Of His 19-year-old Stepdaughter Last Month And The Subsequent Arrest Of A Suspect In The Case

UFC fighter Walt Harris talked out for the 1st time this week since the disappearance of his nineteen-year-old stepdaughter last month and the subsequent capture of a suspect in the matter, saying in a televised interview that he considers her abduction was a “set up.”

Through an audience with Dr. Phil on Wednesday, Walt Harris and his spouse Angela Haley-Harris conversed about the disappearance of their child, Aniah Blanchard, who was last observed at a convenience store on South College Street near her residence in Auburn, Alabama on October 23.

Walt Harris said that the abduction did not seem to be “random,” before continuing that “there’s a lot that don’t give understanding to us.

It appears like it was really set up,” Walt said, “and that it was something that was proposed.”

Haley-Harris told that she considers that someone who knew their child may be the link amongst her and Ibraheem Yazeed, 29-year-old, the suspect who was captured last week in association with her disappearance.

I have those ideas. I still do,” she replied when asked if she thought a colleague of Blanchard’s could be linked. “I have things that we can’t, something that we can’t really explain but there’s something that we apprehend, a proof that they’re (researchers) managing on to try to help understand that part out.”

Aniah Blanchard disappeared on October 23 after she was observed on video surveillance inside a convenience store near her residence. Ibraheem Yazeed was also recognized in the video as being in the very store the last moment she was observed alive.

According to the police report, a witness saw Ibraheem “forcing Aniah into a car against her consent and then moving with her in the car.

Her 2017 Honda CR-V was discovered significantly damaged and discarded at a residential complex in Montgomery over 50 miles apart from where Aniah was last seen. Police officials also stated that testimony collected from the car signaled that Aniah “was hurt and is deemed to be a victim of offensive play.”

That was very hard to hear, to comprehend that my girl has been injured in some way but we’re attempting to keep the belief that even though we know she had an affliction that she is still living,” Haley-Harris spoke through Wednesday’s interview.

Until we know contrarily, we are maintaining to keep considering that she is still living and we are continuing to keep looking for her.

Walt Harris told he visited a hearing over the weekend where he saw Ibraheem, who was charged with abduction in the first degree.

Yazeed held in front of the Jury and he has presented his charges and, you know, it was just him attempting to be suffering to obtain a plea from the judge but it was hard to remain in there. As a father, that was one of the most difficult moments of my life, to gaze at that man and hold myself.”

Auburn police officials stated that Ibraheem was out on bail for abduction and endeavored murder charges through the time of Aniah’s disappearance.

Walt and his wife proceed to continue on to the hope that their daughter will be discovered.

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