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A Case Registered Against A Junior Artist For Physically Molesting TV Actress

A TV actress has reportedly blamed a junior artist for physically molesting her in a hotel room. She has additionally alleged that she finally got pregnant.

Vineet Verma, the junior artist who has been cited for physical assault, hails from Yamunanagar in Haryana.

Police in Yamunanagar told that his mobile has been switched off since a case was filed against him and his parents on November 12.

Operating on the complaint of the actress, the case was filed at a woman police station of Yamunanagar.

The Mumbai-based actress became friends with the junior artist in October this year. She has alleged that the junior artist gave narcotics to her in a hotel room in Yamunanagar before physically molesting her.

When she found that she was pregnant, she reportedly proposed him to marry her but he denied.

According to reports, Verma’s family has been supportive of him. The actress has claimed that his family is conscious of all that has occurred but is declining to assist her in any way.

A few days back, she appeared to Yamunanagar to meet Verma and to visit his birthday party. On his assurance that he would marry her in 10-15 days, she told that she stayed in Yamunanagar for four-five days.

Reports state the actress and the junior artist first met in Mumbai and have worked together in some shows. The two were good friends for a while before things spoiled among them.

Investigating Officer Seema Singh said to IANS over the phone that the victim has been urged to appear for her medical examination and to get her statement recorded.

“She is saying she is in Delhi but unwell. We want to get her medically examined and get her statement registered under Section 164 of the Code of Criminal Procedure,” she told.

She told the case was filed on the same day as her complaint on November 12.

The officer added that no contact was made with the accused as his mobile was always switched off.

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