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A Fashion Student Died From A Rare Syndrome Just 3 Days After She Turned 19

A Fashion student has died from a Toxic Shock Syndrome just 3 days after the 19th birthday.

Madalyn Massabni went out for a birthday feast with her mother Dawn, but when she got back to her residence in New Jersey, she started to feel sick.

Maddy’s mother recollects seeing her the following morning, stating: “She could barely reply to me and she couldn’t talk. I don’t even comprehend if she knew who I was and I dialed 911 right away.”

Mother of two Dawn stated the ambulance appeared to her place, but at that time, Maddy had encountered a seizure.

Dawn reported the sources “I was hugging her and she glanced at me and closed her eyes … I was screaming, ‘I love you so much. Please don’t ditch me. She experienced a heart attack in my arms and ceased breathing.”

Maddy was carried to a local hospital where doctors tirelessly attempted to revive her.

However, Maddy’s health took a turn for the most serious the subsequent day, when her family members decided to take off ventilators.

Madalyn Massabni, who was a fashion student at Lynn University in Florida, perished just 3 days subsequent her 19th birthday.

Her heartbroken mother continued “It’s been torment and hell since the time she left me. I miss Maddy so much. I miss hearing, ‘I love you, Mommy.'”

Madalyn Massabni’s official cause of death was Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Her mother continued “I know Maddy would be obliged for lives preserved. If Maddy had made it through this, Maddy would’ve been doing precisely what I’m doing right now.”

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