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A Heartbroken Man Finds His 24-Year-Old Girlfriend Lifeless In Bed As He Intended To Propose Her

A man discovered his girlfriend lifeless in bed as he was preparing a romantic proposal.

Charlotte Orwin, 24-year-old, died of unexpected adult death syndrome.

Charlotte and Drew McLean, from Brunswick Village, had reserved a holiday to Rome less than a week she had departed.

The thirty-one-year-old had proposed to pop the mystery after they had been collectively for two-and-a-half years.

Heartbroken Drew McLean told the sources that “She was my missing puzzle piece. Charlotte was astonishing and she changed my life entirely – she completed me.

Charlotte’s death shook everyone as she was recognized as a happy, strong young woman who visualized of working with animals.

Drew McLean, who serves at Newcastle Airport, said Charlotte loved chocolate but another than that she lived a healthy lifestyle even refraining from alcohol and tobaccos.

Newcastle University grad spent her last day celebrating McLean’s mum’s birthday in Newcastle.

Charlotte missed to go to work the next day and it was later found she had died between McLean waking up at 5.45 am and her alarm going off at 6 am.

Drew McLean reminisces how concerned he was when he hadn’t heard from Charlotte that day.

Drew called one of her co-workers and instantly began to panic when she hadn’t turned up at the work.

Drew McLean continued “When I stopped outside the house her vehicle was still there and the blinds had not been removed. It was at that instant I just understood she had gone.”

Drew McLean is now attempting to raise knowledge of CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young), the foundation that supported him since Charlotte expired.

Drew wanted to highlight the significance of cardiac screening after he joined in a CRY Memorial Walk in Durham with Charlotte’s mother last month.

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