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A Nurse Fired At Home And A Little Girl Shot Trick-Or-Treating Are Just Two In A String Of Shootings In Little Village Showing Gang Tensions Takes A Toll

A nurse was shot and killed on his way home and a little girl shot trick-or-treating are only two in a string of shootings in Little Village conferring gang tensions are taking a toll.

Even as a family grieves, the injury doesn’t stop on the streets of Little Village.

Joshua Alcazar cherished his nephew, Frank Aguilar as of late shot and murdered in the area.

“There was no explanation why he should’ve been targeted,” Alcazar told. “He had no known hues for gang association. He had no gang connection is the experience. He was wearing his scrubs.”

Aguilar was shot and killed this week as he strolled the streets of Little Village. The practiced medical attendant was 32.

“To get shot in the corner simply conveying his clothing and a pack of snacks for his niece and nephew,” Alcazar stated, “to get shot was uncalled for.”

Thursday two people were shot and killed.

And on Halloween 7-year old Gisselle was shot in the neck and chest, she was brutally injured as she tricks or treated with her family.

Chicago police supported and stood alongside Aguilar’s family in Little Village Friday, holding their call at the corner of Hamlin and 31st.

Police say the area gang war is warming up, leading to more deliberate and unintended targets, with at least nine people shot and killed in recent months.

We are worried by the violence I’m exhausted of burying young bodies,” DeMateo said.

Police are still hunting for Aguilar’s killer.

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