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Father of 15 children With 14 Women Sentenced For Attacking Pregnant Girlfriend!

Jeffrey Spencer living his dream of being a father as he is quite popular for his stature. The 41-year-old said Friday he has 15 children with 14 women.

He’s been convicted of a home invasion, armed robbery, assault of a government official and domestic battery.

His most current series of crimes against his pregnant girlfriend landed him in state prison Friday for 14 and a half to 30 years.

He was convicted at trial of punching the girlfriend in the belly while she was nine months pregnant with their baby.

She told police he had regularly attacked her but this attack finally made her turn him in.

Some nights I wake up with memories and flashbacks of him strangling me, She said her 6-year-old son lives in fear Spencer will return. Her baby was born happy and healthy.

After Spencer was arrested he repeatedly called the victim from prison asking her to claim she hit herself. He told her repeatedly to lie on the witness stand. She ignored him and he was convicted at trial of the assault and of hindering justice.

Spencer claims there’s no evidence he hit the girlfriend. In court Friday he blamed his lawyers for mishandling his case.

Spencer said his children are “ages 25 on down.”

Spencer faced a mandatory 10-year prison sentence because he’s a repeat criminal now convicted of the offense of attacking the pregnant woman. The victim asked the judge to put Spencer away for a long time.

Spencer was convicted of aggravated assault of an unborn child, making terroristic threats, simple assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, perjury, obstruction of the administration of law, and three counts of intimidating a witness.

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