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Pennsylvania Man Drove Girlfriend To Nevada Tortured Her And Left Her To Die By Roadside Of Desert

Pennsylvania police have accused a Bethel Park man who allegedly admitted to driving his girlfriend to Nevada two months ago under false claims, suffocating her, and leaving her body(without clothes) by the side of a desert road.

John Chapman, 39, was indicted Friday on charges of kidnapping, illegal use of communication facility and hindering the administration of law in the removal of Jaime Rae Feden, who was last seen on September 15, the Bethel Park Police Department said.

Court papers say that Chapman told prosecutors he and Feden drove to Las Vegas sometime in September for a holiday with the “potential of acquiring a residence,” according to KDKA. Following in the month, the court papers say, Chapman drove her into the desert, saying her it was for a bondage photoshoot, News 3 Las Vegas announced. There, he purportedly told police he used zip ties to tie her hands and feet, tied her to a signpost, and duct-taped her lips and nose so she couldn’t breathe. After she expired, he removed the zip ties, duct tape, and her clothes and left her body by the signpost.

A traveler found a body found in Lincoln County, Nevada, on October 5 that resembles Feden’s description as well as the account Chapman gave Bethel Park police, Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee said. The body is currently with the Clark County coroner for more identification.

Bethel Park Police Chief Timothy O’Connor reported Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 that his department is not filling Chapman with murder.

“The remarks he has made are leading us to assume that if there is such a crime, it would be out in Nevada,” he said.

Bethel Park police launched a search for Feden when her family asked a welfare check this week, assuming they had not seen her in two months, although they’d seen Chapman at her house, WPXI reported. Family members told police Feden and Chapman had a happy relationship.

Chapman was held when he returned to Feden’s home and that prosecutors found her cell phone there, along with a bag that had duct tape and zip ties within.

Family members also said they’d got messages via Feden’s Facebook Messenger account indicating to be from her, but police have said they think Chapman wrote them.

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