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San Antonio Police Are Uncertain Who Drove A Fatal Roll-Over Early Saturday That Killed A Woman

A woman died in a rollover accident early Saturday morning on the Northeast Side, according to San Antonio police.

A woman was badly injured and she immediately died on the incident.

Officers say a truck was traveling at a high rate of speed along Interstate 35 when the driver lost control near the O’Connor Road exit about 1:45 a.m.

It is assumed that the truck driver was drunk and he was not focused while driving as eyewitness stated.

The truck was traveling with a high speed that the drunken driver wasn’t able to control the steering and hit the guard rail.

The truck hit a guard rail and rolled several times onto the frontage road before coming to an end in front of a Jack in the square restaurant, according to policemen at the incident.

A woman was passing over there as she went to a grocery store nearby, after the rollover, the truck badly hit the woman and she died immediately as she was brutally injured.

Her identities are yet not disclosed by the authorities.

The truck driver was carried to Brooke Army Medical Center in serious condition as he was suffering from wounds and injuries in his whole body, and the woman was declared dead at the scene, police stated.

There were no other individuals injured as reported.

Deputies at the incident told it is not clear who was driving the truck but that charges may be filed after the results of the investigation will come.

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