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The Walking Dead: Makers Might Be Ending Series With Season 12

The episode of The Walking Dead first premiered about 10 years ago on AMC and during the time the seasons were with us, they were able to impress a huge fan base which I personally think is quite impressive given that we are living in an era where the space of entertainment landscape is already very, very crowded and stuffed till the top with many zombies and post-apocalypse TV shows and movies.

But as the saying goes, nothing lasts forever and the show of The Walking Dead is right now making its path through the tenth season. Fans now have started wondering how much will these series premiere its episodes. We already have a knowledge that AMC has already renewed it for an eleventh run and it seems that nothing has been locked in the past just yet and it is felt that the reason behind it is, things are indeed about to wind down.

Not a thing has been confirmed yet but strong sources tell us that the AMC has been thinking of releasing two more seasons of the series before providing it with a final end. It is also focussing on the spin-offs.

But the fact that nothing is sure should be solely stressed at right now and that the network has not made any final decisions just yet but obviously an end to such an epic series after a season 12 would make a lot of sense. The ratings of the series have also been falling further and further down. Fans have now begun thinking that the series The Walking Dead has run out of plot twists and steam, years ago. It is said that the show touched peaks during its fifth and sixth seasons.

But obviously, it is never said that the brand would die out just yet. AMC has a lot of other series that have a lot of life ahead of them.

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