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Woman Bit Off Boyfriend’s Organs Claiming She Was ‘Frustrated’

A Florida resident was detained after she bit her boyfriend’s genitals out of disappointment while blaming him for cheating.

The sources report a thirty-three-year-old woman was drinking beers with her date late Tuesday, November 12, night in a Miami Beach residence.

According to the police, the woman has been identified as Esperanza Gomez. Police say a female friend entered the pair’s home before midnight and left quickly before Esperanza started quarreling with her boyfriend. She blamed the man for wanting to have physical relations with the anonymous woman and grasped both of his arms then poked the boyfriend with a blade.

The alleged boyfriend asked Esperanza to calm down or else he would call the authorities. Upon their appearance, Esperanza’s boyfriend notified them that she “bit his genitals out of disappointment”.

The Police officers also informed Esperanza’s boyfriend had few injuries and redness on his upper torso but refused medication from emergency physicians. Esperanza was captured and indicted with aggravated physical assault with a lethal weapon. Her bail was set for $6,500.

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