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Woman Killed In An Argument With Husband On The North Freeway After Dropping Out Of The Car

A woman was hit and killed after dropping out of a moving vehicle on the North Freeway, as per police. the incident happened at 1 a.m. in the 3400 square of North Freeway close to 610.

The northbound lanes near 610 were closed for quite a long time as police examined the accident.

Police say the woman was annoyed with her husband as they drove home from downtown around 1 a.m.

As indicated by authorities, somehow she began slithering out of their vehicle while it was going on its max accelerator but ultimately dropped out.

The woman was then struck by another driver and articulated dead on the scene.

A secondary accident happened when somebody hit one of the individuals who attempted to render help during the accident.

A third driver was stopped for driving under the impact of the incident.

Police say she was hit by a passing vehicle and killed. A third driver was halted for driving impaired at the scene.

You just got the chance to be prepared to make unexpected stops on the expressway. You never know what’s going to happen,” told Sgt. David Rose with Houston police.

Police say the injured individual’s husband had not been drinking, however, the woman had been drunken.

Harris County Precinct 6 constable representatives were on the scene despite the fact that the region isn’t in their jurisdiction. Repots inquired as to why, yet they didn’t reply.

The 610 northbound paths were closed for a few hours during the police investigation.

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