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13 Reasons Why Season 4: Will Katherine Langford Return For Finale?

Netflix released season 3 of Thirteen Reasons Why this August 2019 and in it we came to about Bryce Walker’s murder and his mother fighting for his justice. As the series already revealed in its last episode about the mystery of Bryce’s death, it is not sure what will the cast reunite for a season four.

But Netflix has cleared all our doubts about a new season by already officially announcing that the series will have a season four. It is known to nobody that when it might release it because Netflix has not followed a fixed pattern in the release date. It could be witnessed by noticing that the first season was launched in March 2017, the second season in May 2018 while the third season in August 2019. Fans are already betting that the fourth season will also have thirteen episodes as the previous three seasons and it is expected to turn outright.

So, is there a trailer out for season four? Well, not yet. It is recorded from the last three seasons that Netflix is very particular about giving out trailers of Thirteen Reasons Why just a few weeks before their release date. So it can be expected that we are not going to acknowledge a trailer anytime soon.

Netflix introduced new cast members in the second season and repeated the entry of members in the third season too. It is yet unknown who might be welcomed in the cast for season four. But as it happens, the lead characters are expected to be in the next series too.

The third season gave the entire spotlight to Bryce Walker and it is expected that he might reappear in the next season too, his role only in the flashbacks as it was Hannah Baker in season two. Though, Nora Walker is strongly hoped to be in the next season.

There might be not any possibility of Katherine Langford returning as a cast member to enact Hannah Baker again, as her story is entirely revealed and closed.

Sadly, Netflix has made it official that season four will be that last season of the series as it will include the cast’s graduation from high school which will be an appropriate end to the series.

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