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Man Beats 2 Year Old For Supporting His Mother!

A Yekaterinburg man brutally injured a two-year-old boy who had tried to stop him from beating his girlfriend. He beats the child mercilessly and now the child was hospitalized. Doctors found too many bruises in him.

The child’s mother, Yulia Titova, told the doctors that her partner Igor Smolin beat her all the time, and her two-year-old son Seryozha was trying to protect her. Smolin attacked Titova three times in September alone. Each time, the child tried to protect his mother from the drunken man but ended up beaten himself.

During one of the scuffles on September 16, 2019, the boy bit the man’s left leg. Smolin threw him to the ground, the boy fell and hit his head.

A criminal case of torture has been instituted against the man.

Domestic violence is a major issue nowadays, innocents face such rage of the dominant forces of the society. In most cases, it usually happened acter intoxication on a high note. The one who tortures doesn’t have any idea of the antics and menace created.

Children suffer the most when these types of heated moments got aggregated. As the rule of nature weak and helpless suffers the most.

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