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Masked Raiders Target Jamie Redknapp’s Mansion Twice On The Same Day

Masked robbers raided Jamie Redknapp’s £6million Surrey house twice within hours while he was away.

The football pundit’s caretaker was inside the gated home in Surrey when the thieves made their first attempt to break-in in the early hours of the morning.

She rang 999, and the criminals fled but then returned later. Later setting off the house alarm, they broke into one of the 46-year-old vehicles and stole several expensive items.

Police say they took a call 5.14 am on Tuesday, reported The Daily Star Sunday.

Police recovered some of the stolen goods, but the suspects had already left.

A source said: ‘The reasoning is that the gang had been watching Jamie’s social media and had observed that he was out of the country.

‘Jamie has been targeted before and had now stepped up security.’

The ex-professional footballer divorced his woman Louise in 2017, and they now share custody of their two children, 15-year-old Charley and Beau, 11.

Surrey Police said last night: ‘We were called at 05.14 am on Tuesday 12th November to a report of a man smashing into a car.

‘A number of things are assumed to have been taken from the boot of the vehicle. An area search was initiated by officers, and some items were recovered.

‘Further inquiries settled that two men were seen appearing suspiciously in the area earlier in the day and another vehicle was entered, but nothing was taken. Inquiries are continuing.’

One of Redknapp’s spokesperson has been contacted for remark.

Police are still seeking to track a burglar who took a selfie outside the house of Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers in March.

Clad in a black balaclava, it is clear that the bungling criminal is at Mr. Rodgers’s £1.6 million Glasgow home as his marriage photo is in the background.

The picture has been circulating on social media only hours after Mr. Rodgers’s family home was raided by raiders.

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