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Michigan Guy Shoots Bro After Mistaking Him For Deer On A Hunting Tour

A Michigan man unintentionally shot his own brother after confusing him for a deer on a hunting trip.

Deputies from the Ionia County Sheriff’s Office returned to a call of an incidental shooting early Saturday evening in a field in Boston Township, Michigan. Upon arrival, they discovered that a man, 29, had shot his brother, 28, while the two were hunting unitedly, according to a press statement posted by the Sheriff’s Office on Facebook.

An inquiry at the scene concluded that the shooting was “by all accounts” accidental. Officials say the men had been looking for a deer that one of them had fired earlier. After failing to locate the deer, they became split in dense cornstalks in the field.

The shooter was “some distance away” from his bro when he thought he saw the deer moving and creating noise. He fired a shot and instantly realized he had shot his bro. The shooter quickly called 911, and he and his brother stepped out of the field to meet medical first responders.

Given the extent of his wounds, the victim was airlifted by helicopter to a hospital. He was in a “serious but stable state” at the time of transport.

An inquiry into the exact purpose of the shooting is ongoing. The Ionia County Sheriff’s Office did not quickly respond to a petition for comment.

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