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Mother Discovered Baby Daughtered With Bruises And Bites All Over The Body After Daycare Attack

A mom says her 6-month-old girl came home bruised after falling down the stairs at an unlicensed daycare in New Jersey.

Anari Ormond said her child Zuri was also bitten by a toddler on Nov. 12.

The J&A Nursery is a single-family house in Newark. Ormond said she did not identify the daycare was unlicensed at the time.

Ormond says she got a text message from the daycare operator telling, “Hey Anari, call me on your lunch,” with no more explanation.

Ormond says she called the daycare and was described as a two-year-old boy left unattended little Zuri three times on her stomach. However, everything took a turn for the worse later the young mother hurried over to the nursery.

“She started to get upset. She started screaming and she’s just like, ‘I went upstairs to get Neosporin and I fell down the steps carrying Zuri, and she’s seriously bruised,” Ormond said.

Doctors confirmed Zuri also suffered a minor concussion.

The New Police Department is now examining the incident. The New Jersey Department of Children and Families issued the following statement:

“Our records do not show an operating license or registration for J&A Nursery in Newark. Please note that Family Child Care Homes are permitted to operate in New Jersey, without a license, if they are caring for five or fewer unrelated children. However, if programs wish to receive federal subsidies they’re required to voluntarily register with DCF and comply with applicable regulations. Providing care for more than five unrelated children requires a childcare center license, and operating without such a license may subject the operator to prosecution.”

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