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Ocean Master Returning For Aquaman 2? Patrick Wilson Spills Beans

For Aquaman 2 it has been confirmed by Patrick Wilson that he will return. In the first part of this movie, Aquaman, King Orm knew as Ocean Master, was played by Patrick Wilson. He enacts the half-brother of Jason Momoa’s character, Arthur Curry and person who currently rules Atalantis and is seeking to command the entirety of the Seven Seas by uniting all the kingdoms underwater and under his rule to lead them in a war against the world at the surface.

After he has done roles in movies like The Phantom of the Opera, The Alamo, and Hard Candy, much prominence was given to Wilson and he rose with his role as Nite Owl in Watchman by Zack Snyder.

Wilson, since then, has been best known for his horror work with the director of Aquaman whose name is James Wan. Wilson has first starred in the initial two Insidious movies. Then he did a more prominent role as an investigator of paranormal activities in The Conjuring. His name was Ed Warren in the movie. He also performed in the sequels and spin-offs that were released after the main part.

While he was giving an interview with THR about Midway, a film based on war during the time of World War 2’s naval battle which is known by the same name where US forces won a great victory over the Japanese Empire, Wilson absentmindedly, without any preparation or thought, confirmed his return to Atlantis.

At the point of time where the interview was about to end, the subject of it drifted towards other topics, including the movie Aquaman, in regards to which Wilson stated he has only been slightly briefed on Orm-related matters. Although he himself has a desire to know all the details of how he will be involved in the movie, because of respect for Wan he did not get involved until things get more developed.

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