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Teenager Gave Birth To Baby Of Man Who ‘Physically Molested’ Her As She Was Too Terrified To Tell Anyone What Has Happened

A teenage girl hailing from Hull was made to give birth as a result of a 37-year-old man seducing her. The unpleasant fact came to light only after the baby was born. DNA tests showed that the father was Quaser Abas. Later a five-day trial, Abas was pronounced guilty at Hull Crown Court and has been convicted to 12 years in prison.

According to Daily Mail, the court heard that the girl found she was 23 weeks pregnant when she went to the hospital for a usual check-up. After she gave birth, DNA tests showed that the father was Quaser, who, during the trial, declared that it was “contaminated.”

Quaser also alleged that the testimonies shared by the victim and her mom during the police conversations were “fabricated and concocted.” Prosecuting, Mark McKone read out the girl’s victim declaration, where she stated that Quaser “destroyed her life.”

The girl said, “I didn’t want a child at this age, I didn’t want it to occur the way it did. I was scared to tell my mum. When I found out I was pregnant, I was shocked and frightened to tell anyone and was scared about what they might respond and think. I didn’t want the baby, but now it is here I wouldn’t adjust it for the world. I get upset having to remember about it.” She added that she was glad to have expressed out so Quaser wouldn’t be able to do the same to any other girl.

Mark also put a statement given by the girl’s mom. She said, “I can’t talk to her about it or speak about what happened. I thought she was secure. I can never get over it and need to question why he did it. It would have been strong enough for her to have a child, never object at this age. He has taken her childhood away from her. She has had to grow up so quick.” 

Continuing, she said, “I was there throughout the birth, and it was so horrible seeing her go through that, knowing I couldn’t do anything. He’s ruined our family. One day we will have to tell the child what happened. I try not to hold about it because when I do, I feel like I’m going to scream, and I love my grandchild now it’s here, but I can’t think about it because I would dislike it. I didn’t want to be a grandmother in these conditions.”

Daily Mail reports the court was shown that there might be a chance for Quaser to have a relation with the infant. Judge David Tremberg told the jury that in the future, if Quaser wants to have a meeting with the kid, it would be the choice of the family court, as opposed to the criminal courts.

Quaser was convicted to 12 years in prison, When Quaser claimed that the mother and daughter fabricated and created the crime, the judge said, “You took the opportunity to seduce her, having full, unprotected physical intercourse. She told you “no,” but you pressed on, and she submitted. In her police conversation, she said she had “no words” and was “so scared.” This immature, young girl did nothing to show physical interest in you, but you took the opportunity to use her to vent your genital energy.'” 

Adding to that, he stated, “At some stage, the child will have to be said something of its parentage, and there is no clear answer about what will be said or how it will deal with it when it is. It is strange they will have anything like a healthy relationship with its father later what you have done.”

Quaser will complete his sentence, half in prison, and a half on license in the community. He has also been made a subject to a restrictive order against the teenager. He was handed a physical harm prevention order for him, which indicates he will not be able to have contact with any female under the age of 16 without surveillance.

Apart from that, Quaser must also be on the physical offender’s register for life.

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