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Woman Killed By Her Fiancee After She Had An Affair With Secret Lover!

An Australian woman allegedly murdered by her fiance who had been secretly dating a colleague in secret.

Amy Parsons, 35, was beaten to death in her Whitechapel flat in London. Her fiance, 38-year-old Roderick Deakin-White, is currently on trial for her murder.

It has been revealed that Parsons developed an intimate relationship with a colleague, James Saunders, in the weeks before her alleged murder.

After a coffee meeting, the co-workers went for lunch at the Kiwi-owned restaurant, Caravan, in central London. The lunch date led to hundreds of increasingly flirty WhatsApp messages.

The friendship quickly developed into an intimate affair, with both Parsons and Saunders admitting they had feelings for one another.

Parsons spent the night with Saunders two days later, the 35-year-old told Saunders she had been honest with her fiance about the secret meetings.

“She had told Rod about sleeping with you [Saunders] and mentioned that Rod was trying to make big gestures to try and prove himself to Amy,”

Parsons stayed at Saunders’ home for a second time after revealing her confusion, claiming she was suffering from a lack of sleep.

At 3:18 am the following morning, Saunders received a text message from Deakin-White telling him to “back off.”

Hours later, Parsons acknowledged to Saunders that her fiance knew “everything” about the affair and she was “all over the place emotionally”.

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