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Cheerleader Who Buried Baby Girl In Her Backyard Now Wishes To Have Died In Her Place

The former Ohio cheerleader who was on hearing for murdering and burying her newborn infant days after her prom states her “biggest regret” was holding her pregnancy a secret.

Brooke Skylar Richardson, 20-years-old, was found not guilty in September of the death of her infant girl, Annabelle, though she was sentenced to violation of a corpse for burying the baby in her parents’ Carlisle residence’s backyard in May 2017.

In her first conference, Brooke Richardson stated she was “plagued by guilt” for not esteeming in anyone that she was expecting before she delivered what she declares was a stillborn baby, the sources report.

My biggest disappointment is not having the power to tell someone that I was pregnant,” Brooke Richardson described to the sources. “I wish I would have done it otherwise. I’m tormented by guilt every day for not reporting someone,” she added.

Throughout the 2 years she anticipated for her hearing to begin, Brooke Richardson stated, she was discouraged, spending evenings thinking of her child.

Every evening, I would recline down and wish that I could have died in place of Annabelle,” Brooke told the outlet.

Brooke who roamed free after the hearing said she’s still in trauma by the media investing the case.

I’m still existing with a lot of fear,” Brooke explained the sources. “The past two years have been nothing quick of a nightmare. After being continually terrified and paranoid of everyone and everything nearby me, I’m having a tough time letting that go.”

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