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Kentucky Woman, 33, Shot Woman To Death Who Allegedly Went Missing

A Kentucky resident is accused of the killing of a woman who went missing last May.

Danelle Nicole Powell, 33-year-old, was detained on a charge of murder last week in the killing of LeeAnna Brumley, who was last seen on May 22.

Danelle Powell was taken into confinement about a week after several human bones were found in a range of Charter Oaks Road in northern Pulaski County.

Pulaski County Sheriff’s Deputy Karl Clinard states the bones were transferred to the medical examiner’s department for positive classification but investigators speculate they are Brumley’s remains.

Our testimony indicates from statements and data gained that it could very well be her remains,” he says.

The cause of death is pending but according to the sources Brumley had supposedly been shot, hit with a hatchet and set on burning.

Deputy Karl Clinard wouldn’t state, citing the pending post-mortem but says some of the bones were obtained charred. “They tried to erase evidence by burning up the corpse,” he states.

It is unclear what data brought the deputies to the range where the remains were discovered.

I don’t know if it was her who reported or other people,” Clinard says.

Danelle Powell and LeeAnna Brumley were being in the same residence, Clinard says.

Clinard says the research is ongoing and more arrests are expected.

There are 2 others or possibly three people of interest who can possibly be charged,” he says. “2 of those individuals are detained on other charges. This is a continuous investigation and we haven’t changed all the possible suspects.

LeeAnna Brumley’s family had expected a better result.

I mean, you don’t suppose the worst out of it, you just assume the best,” Brumley’s sister Faith Duggins stated the sources. “We all awaited LeeAnna to appear [home] out of nowhere, but she didn’t.”

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