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Man Molested Girl While Her Dad Made Coffee!

A man molested a nine-year-old girl while her father went into the kitchen to make him a late-night coffee to help keep his mind off narcotics.

The 37-year-old, whose identity is not revealed yet, had been invited into the family’s home to help him recuperate from his addiction when the alleged attack occurred.

He pleaded not guilty in the Brisbane District Court on Tuesday to two counts of molestation and one of indecent treatment of a child.

The court heard the girl’s father had been playing chess with the man in the lounge room of the Brisbane home when he asked for a coffee and shower.

“He suggested (the father) should set up another game for them to play.”

But the man didn’t take a shower. Instead, he went to the girl’s bedroom and began whispering her name.

“She woke up to see a naked man standing beside her bed, She didn’t know what to do and closed her eyes and wished he would go away.”

But Instead, he allegedly climbed into the child’s bed, took off her Hannah Montana pajamas and began molesting her.

When there is no sound of the shower running, the girl’s father went to investigate.

“He found the man wasn’t in the shower and could see his daughter’s bedroom door was three quarter’s closed when it was usually open.

Upon finding the man on top of his daughter, the man pushed the alleged attacker from the child’s bedroom, down the hallway and out the front door.

Neighbors saw the child’s father furiously yelling “get out” as the man ran from the home partially dressed.

The trial continues.

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