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Netflix Shares Exclusive Behind The Scenes From ‘The Crown’ Season 3

Elstree is the vast studio building that serves as a base camp for the cast and also the crew of the Netflix entertainment sensational series The Crown. Elstree is having an unusual bitter day today. The temperature at the place is of biting cold and the air is full of frost.

Josh O’Connor, an actor in the series, dressed as Prince Charles in a handsome suit and a flashy but a classic cowlick, lights a joss stick on a freezing set in a room designed to comfort his royal quarters. At his back, a bunch of camera holding men and stylists hover over the screen.

The room has cables scattered on its floor and looks less like a Buckingham Palace and more of a bike shed. But then, the camera starts filming. Princess Anne, enacted by Erin Doherty, enters into the view of audiences. Her hair is quite long with a center part. They are shaped in the 1970s bouffant style which is obviously familiar to us from the picture of that era. Princess Anne is wearing a short A-line skirt and Go-Go boots.

This scene features Anne teasings quite older brother for how he is very clumsy at courtship. She speaks in a tone that could even slice an apple. But we are yet not aware that who is courted by him. Though, her name is suspected to be Camilla

O’Connor is a perfect young prince. He feels awkward and thus blushes after every take. This sneer of the prince is delivered to us on purpose by Doherty.

Such trials of Windsor family whether it is served in very important interviews or spoon-fed to us in fiction, they are always capable of enthralling us. The crown is an easy-going display of The Royal Family which has now become an obsession of the public all around the globe.

Here is a link to the behind-the-scenes video.

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