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Investigators Track Down A Serial Armed Robber With His Cellphone, Phoenix, Arizona

Police Officials say a Mesa resident is subject to a string of armed robberies at cellphone shops in the Valley, and investigators discovered him using his cellphone.

As per court paperwork, Jermaul Rashad Langston was the suspect behind at least 8 armed robberies at cellphone shops in Mesa, Phoenix, and Tempe between October 10 and October 26.

Police Officials told the 29-year-old Jermaul Langston often wore the identical blazer, pants, and footwear. He used a mask to conceal his face and would ask cash from the register, as per the police officials. Jermaul would often overpower store operators at gunpoint into the rear of the store or a backroom before he departed, investigators stated.

Police Officers got the records of phone numbers and mobile devices that used particular cellphone towers for the first four thefts. They obtained one phone number was at all four locations. That phone number associated with Langston, police stated.

Investigators said when studying up his Langston’s criminal background, they discerned his photo resembled related to the suspect in the CCTV videos of the armed thefts.

Police officials searched Langston’s Mesa address and said they discovered the two masks, a gun and the clothes seen in CCTV videos of the armed thefts.

As per the court paperwork, one cause why Jermaul Langston may have ended on October 26 was that Jermaul broke his leg around October 28.

Later Jermaul was detained on November 12. Langston was indicted with two counts of armed theft and one count of abduction.

He was on probation at the point after serving two years for armed theft.

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