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Joker Sequel Is On The Cards As Todd Phillips Plans For Some More Standalones For Other Characters

The Joker sequel news that hit an exchange today is incredible misleading content, however various inside sources said that while a continuation of the billion-dollar-netting movie is a conspicuous likely outcome that bodes well on the planet, now there are no arrangements for a sequel, nor even any dealings with executive Todd Phillips or his co-essayist Scott Silver to create one.

Those sources include that the crucial part of the present THR story — that seven days after Joker’s opening, Phillips met with Warner Bros movie boss Toby Emmerich to pitch a series of DC character cause stories — is as level bogus as prior stories that Martin Scorsese considered coordinating the main Joker (Scorsese was initially going to be a maker however dropped out due to his packed timetable). Different sources said no such October 7 meeting among Phillips and Emmerich happened, and that Phillips wouldn’t like to pursue Joker by directing other DC character films.

What he has discussed in interviews is that when Joker was in its beginning, there were discourses of a DC Black activity. He instead centered around Joker. That was quite a while prior. Phillips has a reputation of being particular: After The Hangover started breaking records for R-evaluated films, he didn’t try to transform his organization into a satire manufacturing plant.

Nobody is stating a Joker spin-off won’t occur sometime in the not so distant future. Be that as it may, different sources said nothing has happened at this point and that Phillips and co-author Scott Silver have made no right moves to draft the further dull ascent of Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck character, or even to make an arrangement to do that. ‘Joker’ Review: Joaquin Phoenix Kills It In Dark, Timely DC Origin Movie That Is No Laughing Matter. How many of you are eagerly waiting for Joker sequel?

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