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How To Change In Sound Cancellation And Transparency Modes Of AirPods Pro On Mac

AirPods Pro, the most advanced genuinely wireless earbuds of Apple, are selling like hotcakes. It not only causes the long-awaited noise cancellation feature but also has a unique “Clarity” mode, which allows users to listen to their environment. This new model is quite useful in situations where you need to be aware of your surroundings. Both these modes make AirPods Pro a more reliable product than AirPods 2. That stated while changing between the two styles is relatively easy on an iPhone (you either hard press on the “Force Sensor” on AirPods Pro’s stalk or go to Control Center -> Force Touch on volume -> choose the desired mode), it’s not so straight forward on the Mac. So, in this article, we are performing to show you how you can easily switch within noise cancellation and transparency mode on AirPods Pro at Mac.

Shift Among Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode of AirPods Pro on Mac

While the hard pressing on the Force Sensor of AirPods Pro will run while you are working the earbuds on Mac, this process doesn’t give any visual feedback. If you require to be sure that you have shifted in the right setting, visual feedback is always necessary. Also, while the Force Sensor enables you to switch among noise cancellation and transparency mode, it doesn’t allow you to switch them off. In circumstances when none of these modes are necessary (like running on your Mac at your home), switching them off is a good option as it ends in a better battery life. So, with that out of the idea, let’s discuss how you can do the needful, shall we?

Turn In Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode Using Native Method

To shift between the noise cancellation and transparency method on Mac using the native method, you require to click on the “Volume Control” app on the Menu Bar and then pick AirPods Pro. You will then be given three options; Off, Noise Cancellation, and Transparency. Select the item you want to use.

Switch among Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode Using NoiseBuddy

NoiseBuddy is an application developed by Guilherme Rambo, who is known for designing such wonderful services. Many of you might recognize him from his previous app AirBuddy ($5), which is an app that makes iOS-like AirPods connectivity splash screen to the Mac. Now, he has to develop AirBuddy, which enables you to switch within noise cancellation and transparency mode on AirPods Pro by one-click of your Menu Bar or Touch Bar. What’s even better is that this time, the app is free to download and use.

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