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How To Transfer Song Of iPhone To Home Pod Without AirPlay

The most advanced emphasis of iOS comes with a feature called “Transfer to Home Pod” that executes this little magic happen. Probably the pleasantest part about this feature is that it requires minimal set-up and rarely requires a step (if at all). Is there a catch? Yeah, a little bit. Well, it needs your Home Pod to be accessed materially. But if you should keep your smart speaker near your bed, table or desk, next you wouldn’t possess any issue while executing the step.

Make Sure That Transfer on Home Pod is Allowed

Initial things original, be sure your gear is absolutely arranged up as the seamless music transfer.

1. Start the Settings application on your iPhone and select General.

2. Instantly, touch on AirPlay and Handoff.

3. On the following screen, assure that the toggles as Transfer over Home Pod and Handoff are switched on.

Transmitting Media of iPhone on Home Pod without AirPlay

Once you have taken care of the primary specifications, transferring the music of your iOS device to HomePod will be a breeze. Now, assure that your iPhone and the smart speaker are connected and the song is playing on your mobile gadget. Later, just take your iPhone near to the top of the smart speaker. Voila! The song has been directly transported to the smart speaker. Now, move ahead and enjoy music to your soul’s liking.

Transfer Song of iPhone on Home Pod with Ease

As someone who prefers to stream music on Home Pod, I have discovered this hack appreciable. Of course, it needs your Home Pod to be nearby physically which might not run down well with everyone’s convenience. However, if your smart speaker is located near your bed or easily accessible, you would find this feature beneficial. It looks to be a fine combination of AirPlay and Handoff and yet different examples of the seamless experience that the Apple ecosystem boasts. As for Apple’s smart speaker, it has finally started to seem like a powerful contender to get on the likes of Google Home and Amazon Echo.

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